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Important Updates on Current World Events

There is truly no doubt we live in times of insane turmoil on planet earth. Human being's thinking has become degenerate, illogical, megalomaniacal, psychopathic and murderous. Syria, Ukraine,  European Union, Russia, United States, Terrorist Groups, Religious Fanatics, War Mongers and other nations are all playing their insane role at bringing fourth as much death, suffering, brain washing and chaos as they can possibly create.

The following is updates from Eduard Meier and Figu which are posted on Michael Horn's blog

The IS – Russia and the EU – Obama – Ebola


Also please read through Michael Horn's blog for information on other topics from Climate Change to the beginning of the fulfilment of the Henoch prophesies to a former member of NASA corroborating the authenticity of Eduard Meier and he's still on-going contacts with the Plejaren.