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Why Does The Earth Human Being Not Think and See?

Human beings of earth why do you not think and see? In all countries you vote for human beings to rule over you, to threaten your lives with war and to exploit you. Just now at the time of writing this the world's biggest dictatorship called the European Union (EU) threatens your life with a possible war with Russia. For the facts on this please read Michael Horns article which contains information from Eduard Meier and the Plejaren HERE

Just to day also I was told that the EU will be bring in new laws that make it a criminal offence to sell Vacuum Cleaners above 750 watts and Hair Dryers that are of a high watts. This, as they claim, is to save the environment. Truly, this will not save the environment, not even close to it. If the human beings of earth want to truly stop the environmental destruction, the climate change and pollution then first and most importantly the human beings of earth must bring an end to the overpopulation, which has been said time and time again since the 1950's but has been ignored and fallen on dumb ears. Over 8.4 billion human beings live on this planet, which is slowly but continually being destroyed through the cause and effect of overpopulation. Making Vacuum Cleaners and Hair Dryers less powerful will do nothing to help the environment, including the idiotic laws of making persons pay for carrier bags at supermarkets and also energy saving light bulbs. Any energy that could be possible to save will be then used to power more homes to the extent that more power is needed than saved.

Why, human beings of earth, do you vote for human beings in governments who are truly only interested in power and gain? Here in England there is voting every 4 years for a new prime minister. Every 4 years they make promises they never keep, tell the people of England what they think they want to hear just to convince them to vote. Even now the British prime minister is behind the EU and threatens the British population with a possible war with Russia.

Governments, secret services and all groups and organisations are run and controlled by human beings, who are no more knowledgeable or wise at bringing love, peace, freedom and harmony than the persons they attack and fight and those who delusional follow them and vote for them. They cannot bring peace amongst themselves.

Politics, politicians and religion, religious fanatics are, in my opinion, the 2 most destructive and illogical idealogies on earth and serves only to hold the earth human being back, instead of bringing the earth human being to a future of true love, peace, freedom and harmony.