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People and Their Phones - Have Proven Eduard Meier to be Right

Some may find it hard to accept, even I cannot truly understand the audacity, that for some years now different persons have taken it upon themselves to act in a devious and crafty way and to get on their phones and make phone calls to places I have and do work now, shops I go to and my family members. Why they think I need them to do this or why they think I will think any better of them for doing this I truly cannot comprehend. Why a person cannot bring themselves to phone me directly and have a conversation with me, if they have something to say, is something that is troubling. No good will ever come of this behaviour.

However something that these persons have done, without them even knowing, is to prove that in 1958 when Eduard Meier wrote a list of prophesies and predictions in a letter "To All Governements of Europe" on line 93 "while in only forty years even the simplest citizen will carry a pocket telephone around with him and would use it at every possible and impossible opportunity." that Eduard Meier was right. Persons use their phones to make phone calls at every possible and impossible opportunity.

So well done and congratulations on proving that Edaurd Meier was right and knew the future in 1953.