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Masters of Deceiving

In my experience many human beings that I have met in my life have been genuine and kind, loving towards me and their fellow human beings. Not without error as only a human being can be.  However the earth human being has mastered the art of deceiving, egoism, self-aggrandizing, know-it-all-ism and placing oneself above fellow human beings in their own delusion of their thoughts of self-greatness.

Eduard Meier nailed this on the head with the following text Victors and Losers

For me it has become more and more noticeable how the earth human would trample on anyone to feed their delusional impoverished consciousness to gain the upper hand at the expense of another human being. Even when they actually and truly need that human being to be able to promote themselves.

The lack of understanding of the spiritual teaching and one's own inner self, inner knowledge of oneself blinds the human being who carries on in a megalomania placing themselves above Creation, which they can never be and never truly be above their fellow human beings. Each human being is equal to every other human being. First a human being is a human being and must be respected and treated like a human being. Not as a pawn in a game of chess to better oneself at the expense of sacrificing the pawn for a victory, which truly is a loss.