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The Extent of Lies and Deceit

Many people round the earth often ask why don’t visitors to earth just land and say hello and greet us. This is a fair question and by no means should be looked upon as a ridiculous question to ask. We are certainly not the only life in the universe.

One reason, there are many, is the amount of lying and deceit played out amongst the earth humans. Recently it has come to my attention of the following example which has played out.

2 persons working in the same department in the same company. For the sake of this text I will call them Bill and Ben. A further 1 person is need and a job was advertised for the position. The interviews arose and Bill and Ben were invited to meet the persons who took the time and effort to apply for the job position and come into the company for a day. The reason was given to Bill and Ben that this is an opportunity to meet the persons wanting a job and to find out which they thought was right for the job and who they feel they could work with.

This was done and both Bill and Ben agreed on 2 persons which they though had the right qualifications, attitude, experience and knew what they was talking about, further seemed to be genuine and could be worked with. Therefore these persons were put forward as the 2 which best fitted the job.

However, weeks before hand another person who worked in the same company in a different department was secretly conspiring with certain managers to get the job but kept this to themselves. Lacking in the knowledge and experience of the 2 put forward by Bill and Ben this person was given the job. Whatever the reason to give this person the job clearly is not based on honesty and professionalism.

The lies and deceit here is the fact that not only was Bill and Ben lied to and had their time wasted but also the persons who came into the company to try and get the job position. This is of course denied by the managers and the person who got the job, naturally further lies and deceit to cover up original lies and deceit. The managers and the person given the job have made their bed and must now lay in it and deal with the effects caused by their thoughts, feeling and actions and take responsibility for it.

Now any human being who has overcome this type of behaviour thousands of years ago, who not only treat each human being with respect and equality and who have had no wars for thousands of years but also know what each other is thinking due to their high level of conscious related evolution. Why would they need to come and say hello to the earth humans who treat each other with such ignorance, hate, deceit and who kill each other. What could any visitor to the earth gain from the earth humans at this time?

My answer is that they cannot gain anything which would benefit them but only bring their thoughts and feelings into possible chaos.