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Pope - Henoch Prophesy Update

Today 13/03/2013 a new pope has been elected. Jorge Bergoglio will be known as Pope Francis. Different name from the Henoch prophesy

The following can arise from this.

1, Those within the Vatican are well aware of Eduard Meier and the prophesies. In an attempt to either change the prophesy or to prove Eduard Meier as a fraud the new pope's name has been changed.

2, The prophesy itself has changed. Prophesies are always changeable and are not set in stone. The outcome is based on what human beings thinking and actions.

3, Jorge Bergoglio is indeed the last pope and the names given in the Henoch prophesies are symbolic and the Rock of Rome, Peter (from the Bible as one of the disciples of the fictitious Jesus), is meant.

4, Interesting is the new popes back ground. He is part of a doctrinal conservative movement and a Jesuit priest and his boss was a "Pedro" as General of the Jesuits. The "rock" perhaps is meant as a symbolic way as a missionary conservative. Jorge Bergoglio has somewhat all the factors to be the person mentioned in the prophesies but the one difference is the name. Whether the names are meant symbolically or have been changed

Time will tell whether or not certain things unfold.

Will update this blog as things become more known.