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Act of God

In a logical attempt to find the illogic in the phrase "Act of God" .....

If you are a god believer, worshiper then perhaps your whole premise on life and the universe is that everything happens through god and that god created and controls the universe, earth and all life.  Therefore everything that happens would be at the hands of the responsibility of god and an act of god.  From procreation, getting good grades in school, finding the perfect job, finding the perfect partner, miracles and all the good things that can happen in life. But then there are the not so good things like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, and disasters, even murder, rape, war and all degenerate things the earth human does.  Clearly all this good and bad would be an act of god, if we used the belief that everything happens at the hands of the responsibility of god.

If so, this creates a long list of questions. For me a question would be to question gods sanity and behaviour to allow a man to rape a woman or for another human being to kill another human being. That said let’s look at how human beings use this phrase an act of god. Firstly human beings use this term often when they have no answer to explain why an event happened. If something good or bad happened the human being uses the phrase “it was an act of god”. My questions in reply to that would be “how do you know?” or “where is your evidence to back up your claim that this was an act of god?”. Insurance companies use the phrase “an act of god” whenever they can to not pay out when for example a tree falls on a car or house, a house gets flooded or a roof blows off and so on. They claim that these events are indeed “an act of god”. This brings me back to my questions, “how do you know?” or “where is your evidence to back up your claim that this was an act of god?” which truly they cannot answer.

Furthermore, the illogical thinking of human beings has now come to the point that they can choose which events are “an act of god” and which are not, to suit their own agendas and finance. A car accident is not classed as “an act of god” but a tree falling on a car is. In both situations the person driving the car may have no influence on the two accidents and therefore unable to foresee and change the outcome for the better.

More clear would be the understanding of the law of cause and effect, something happens because something else has caused this, the effect is the result of the cause. If you reply to this is “yes, god caused this” then we go back round in circles and to the conclusion that then everything is “an act of god” and therefore I would have to again question gods sanity and behaviour.

On earth there are earthquakes, volcanoes and storms.  However the earth human is unwise in the placement of their living areas. Due to this unwiseness and overpopulation the earth human has built towns and cities on what was natural flood plains, earthquake zones (tectonic fault lines) and in close proximity to volcanoes. Furthermore, adding to earthquakes and volcanoes is the extraction of fossil fuels which unbalances the tectonic plates and also causes the collapse of the tectonic plates from within the earth crust. Also, the removal of oil, the natural shock absorber of the earth, means that shock waves from earthquakes travel longer distances and in higher magnitude. The building of towns and cities increases earthquake activity due to the weight being pressed down onto the tectonic plates, a result cause by overpopulation and the need to build more and more homes.

Storms, the increasing destruction of our environment and atmosphere through pollution, waste, chemicals, radiation which all increase as the population increase has an effect on the weather we see.  Outside influences from the Sun play a factor, however what we are experiencing on earth over the past few decades and will continue to experience is 70% the cause of the earth human.  The laws of nature which do not change have been unbalanced. By this the levels of chemicals in our atmosphere unbalances the atmosphere to what can sustain life in the best possible way. Further the chemistry of the atmosphere is changed, less oxygen, more CO2, more radiation, more chemicals. All these elements interact with each other through the laws of nature. The laws do not change but the chemical elements do and have been by the earth human.

To conclude.

The phrase “act of god” is when thinking about the structure of life illogical. If there was a god then everything would either be “an act of god” or nothing would be “an act of god”. With better understanding of the structure of the material belt of Creation and how the laws of cause and effect work then perhaps the earth human will realise that it is them themselves that cause disasters through their unwiseness and lack of knowledge. Other things that happen for example a tree falling on a car is truly only the law of cause and effect and cannot be placed as “an act of god” by any human being as they firstly cannot prove this and secondly there is no god.