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Immortal Bubble

Free will is a law of Creation, This law is the basis of how each human being can learn by choosing for themselves what must be done with their material lives. So when I constantly get pestered by self-righteous non smokers who seem to think one of their purposes in life is to vindicate me because I am a smoker truly makes no sense.  Each human being has free will, the free determined will to decide for themselves.

Indeed smoking harms the human organism but is it really as bad as continuing to increase the overpopulation of a planet? Or perhaps using nuclear power stations which continually leak radiation into the atmosphere?

I hate to be the messenger of bad news to all non smokers who are trapped in their own immortal bubble but you know what?  Non smokers die too and some even at an early age, and even die of cancer.

So instead of continually attacking smokers with this non smoker’s immortal bubble how about you turn all that energy and thinking towards solving the overpopulation problem or solving the nuclear power station radiation problem.  In fact if you solve the overpopulation problem then the nuclear power station problem is pretty much solved too.....

You could also try to become better human beings towards other human beings by creating love, peace, freedom and harmony