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Psychopaths - Can you spot one? Are you one?

On 18th August 2012 Figu published their 68th Special Bulletin.  What is interesting in this Special Bulletin is it allows the reader to become wise to spotting psychopaths.  As the Plejaren do not mix their words and are of course higher evolved than the earth human they have overcome the many degenerate traits that are seen on earth as a cause and effect of psychopaths.  Also the information allows the reader to look at themselves and decide on whether they themselves are falling into psychopathy.

The following is the Bulletin:

Excerpt from FIGU-Special-Bulletin No. 68

Reader’s Question

Who will be elected in the presidential elections in the U.S., and what kind of human being is Mitt Romney?

R. Hunter, United States


This is an excerpt from the 539th official contact conversation of May 1st, 2012. In fact, Ptaah and I have actually long since ceased to talk about such "politically-tinted" things, but as an exception, we have had a short conversation in order to give enough consideration to the many questions.



... I have some questions here. The first is one that is recently asked of me over and over again, namely: Who is probably going to win the U.S. presidential election in 2012? Will it be Obama or Republican Mitt Romney, and if it is the latter, what kind of human being is he? You have already told me that you wish to remain officially silent about who will win the election, which I accept. So this question is dropped, but the one remains open: what kind of human being is this man Romney? In this regard, do you have the necessary knowledge, and if so, can you talk about it?


Said with short words, this man is one who cannot in any wise be called a good human being, because he is an unpredictable, conscienceless, and ice-cold man of might, as well as being a calculating psychopath, driven by greed for might and for whom any feeling for his fellow human beings is completely foreign. With your words you would say that he would think nothing of walking over corpses. There is nothing more to be said regarding the evaluation of this man.


So he is an explosively hard might greedy one who can - as a ruler - take the first opportunity to bring forth everything evil should he come to take the rudder.

... But still a question regarding the psychopathy, which you addressed in relation to the U.S. presidential candidate: If the psychopathy in general is discussed, which features stand out in psychopaths, i.e., which evil and negative characteristics and behaviour- patterns are part of them, by which they can be recognised?


It is generally difficult for the non-professional to recognise psychopaths as such, because the psychopathy is often associated with a near-perfect acting talent, consequently, in the terrestrial realm, even experts are therethrough misled and provide wrong assessment and value certifications for psychopaths. But this is not surprising when we consider that, on Earth, professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists, in regard to their capabilities, very often think a great deal of themselves, and overvalue their abilities and understanding. Consequently often wrong appraisals and wrong evaluations are made.


Which is of course denied by those "experts".


Which happens out of self-protection and boastfulness and so on. But listen to what is observed in relation to the behaviour-patterns of psychopaths in many different regards. There are thereby many factors which I want to list in a decisive wise. Thus, a greater number of the following unvalues are usually characteristic of psychopaths:

  1. Lack of logical decisions
  2. Lack of rational conduct
  3. Irresponsible activity
  4. Frequent change of sexual partner
  5. Pathological lying, mendacity
  6. Making untenable promises, breaking them
  7. Exaggerated thoughts and feelings with regard to the values of the own person
  8. Pretended, i.e. feigned charm
  9. Boredom
  10. Deceitful behaviour
  11. Parasitism
  12. Deficiency with regard to real and long-term results in many forms and wises
  13. Manipulative behaviour with regard to the fellow human beings
  14. Selfish lifestyle
  15. Dazzling, i.e. seducing and deluding, of the fellow human beings
  16. Lack of a guilt-consciousness
  17. Lack of behavioural control
  18. Imponderability
  19. Imperiousness according to the principle of "after me the deluge"
  20. Consciencelessness
  21. Pathological craving to defame
  22. Sense of unfairness
  23. A great poverty of feeling due to corresponding thoughts
  24. Endorsement of the death penalty
  25. Endorsement of torture
  26. Hate mentality
  27. Egoism
  28. Penchant for guilefulness, deceit
  29. Cheatful manipulation behaviour
  30. Lack of guilt consciousness
  31. Lack of bearing responsibility
  32. Lack of deep-reaching thoughts and feelings
  33. Lack of behavioural control
  34. Lack of self-responsibility
  35. Absence of concernment and feelings for others
  36. The absence of setting long-term and realistic results to be achieved
  37. Remorselessness
  38. Lack of empathy
  39. Coldness of thoughts and feelings
  40. Irresponsibility towards fellow human beings
  41. Willingness for revenge and retaliation
  42. Intriguefulness
  43. Might-behaviour/greed for might
  44. Irresponsible speeches
  45. Irresponsible agitation
  46. Great criminal energy
  47. Very extreme impulsiveness
  48. Violation of laws, recommendations, ordinances, regulations, prohibitions and directions, and so on.
  49. Break of promises
  50. Lack of self control
  51. Unhonesty
  52. Disloyalty
  53. Scrupulousness
  54. Authoritarian
  55. Penchant for sadism
  56. Falseness, deviousness
  57. Willingness for acts of fighting and war
  58. Pathological craving for profit
  59. Avariciousness
  60. Antisocial behaviour
  61. Penchant for harassment/mobbing
  62. Self-praise, self-adulation
  63. Penchant for denunciation
  64. Pathological angriness
  65. Lack of remorse
  66. Lack of ability to have deep feelings for the others
  67. Severe impulsiveness
  68. Penchant for cheating and swindle
  69. Lack of self-cognition
  70. Unconcernedness

These are the 70 most important behavioural factors that are characteristic of psychopaths. The whole is a scale according to which the human being can assess himself/herself as well as other human beings in relation to a psychopathic character-pattern. The 70 listed negative characteristics serve as a measuring stick for the given standard measure of the psychopathy, to be assessed in such a wise that the more the characteristics apply to one person or another, the more a psychopathic behaviour-pattern is given. If 18 of the 70 negative characteristics apply to oneself or to another human being, then a comprehensive and deep-reaching psychopathy must be spoken of.


Thank you. Now that is a clear statement with regard to the factors which give rise to a psychopathy. But how is it, if more than 18 of the mentioned characteristics apply to a human being, can it then be said that the psychopathy becomes consequently ever more deep-reaching?


This actually corresponds to the reality, because, the more that these mentioned negative characteristics appear, the more deep-reaching and pathological is the psychopathy. But this also means: if only a few of the listed negative characteristics appear in a human being, then there is already given a more-or-less psychopathic behaviour-pattern. However, if 18 of the negative characteristics are reached, then, as I said, an ample deep-reaching and pathological psychopathy is given which under certain circumstances can also be of genetic origin, because each psychopathy of this form is inheritable.


Thus precisely as is the religious belief, that is to say, the belief in God, and the extreme fanaticism connected with it.


Yes, that is right.

Source and German original - http://au.figu.org/question_romney.html

Truly here one can understand how to spot Psychopaths and also look at oneself and ask the question "Am I following down the path of psychopathy?". We all know of or have come across persons who fit into many of these 70 mentioned characteristics. Perhaps you yourself fit into many of them and you need to be honest with yourself and work on your thoughts, feelings and actions.

To add to this if a human being thinks he is "getting away with something" then truly they are not. Each thought and action of every human being that has ever lived on Earth and who will ever live on Earth is stored in the terrestrial storage bank. This is not the overall consciousness block but a storage bank of all thoughts and actions. One can compare it to a video recording.